Sunday, 23 October 2011

60...Summer tiles and more guests

Detail from new wallpiece
Autumn is here, the students are all back at Uni and I have time and space in my mind to do some new designing now. I have got several new projects in mind, one line of which is a series of wall pieces. These are not always easy to display and sell, there is not yet a familiarity with hanging ceramic on the wall, nevertheless I like them myself and it makes a change to work on a flatter plane.

Blue Bells drying

I am also working on several commisions. The forms above will be glazed with a crystal white glaze and filled with crushed blue glass. Once attached to steel rods and mounted in wood, they will sparkle in someones garden.

Kieran's tile...guess his profession!

As ususal this summer, all my visitors have made a tile for the collection on my studio wall.

James's tile

I love these little self portraits.  This one was James who featured in an earlier blog...he is cycling around for a couple of years raising money for the McMillan fund. Last heard of in Budapest.

Hannah's house

Kiku's witch

Mika's dormotory

The girls who come to visit every summer get better and better with their tiles and now work on little 3d sculptures too. They have to take those home with them of course.

Teal's Death cap tile

Teal our visitor from last week was convinced we had poisoned her with wild mushrooms....however she survived to make her tile.

Teal and Laila hedging

Another Workawayer this week, Laila from welsh Wales who is staying for a while......


mainly because of this little fellow who was rescued from a life in a cage in Greece, but who can't go back to Britain until 6 months after his jabs. We are now getting used to having our slippers and gardening gloves retrieved.


  1. Hi Fran
    Thanks for posting up my tile , looks good in a boring, colourless architect way!

    I added it our news section:


  2. Hey liking the look of your blog. Are you using wordpress? Fx